Positive Community Connections is a Day Hab and vocational site that offers a structured yet fun environment for adults with developmental disabilities including those with complex behavior needs. Our mission is to provide a variety of community based day service options to people with developmental disabilities using a person centered approach, focusing on the whole person including mind/body/spirit helping create a bridge to success in an individual’s life. Each day has a theme and several of the day’s activities, including those out of the community, have something to do with that theme. How much or little an individual participates in the day’s activities may vary depending on the interest level in that day’s theme and that is fine. All levels of participation are appreciated and encouraged. Questions concerning the program can be directed to: Kelley Pickard at 419-353-3708 or through email at

Making Positive Community Connections - Employment

Our first goal in helping those we serve find jobs is by making positive community connections. We achieve this by working together with various employers throughout our area to find vacancies and opportunities appropriate for the individuals we help.

  • Employment in Our Local Community – Types of Jobs Available
    There are many different opportunities for those with developmental challenges to gain employment in our local area. Examples of various job positions we’ve help fill in the past include:

    • Customer service
    • Retail
    • Food service
    • Office and clerical work
    • Volunteer programs
    • And more!

    These positions often help individuals learn a sense of responsibility, personal fulfillment, and gives them the social connections and interactions they need to thrive.

  • How to Become a Trusted Employer
    We are always looking for trusted employers to help with our mission! If you own or operate a business in Wood County, we would love to speak with you. Hiring a developmentally challenged individual is a great way to build a positive connection with someone outside your organization while helping that person achieve the independence needed for a positive lifestyle.
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Employment Process

Career Exploration:
This offers to you the opportunity to meet face to face the people who do the actual work that interests you. Shadowing, observing, interviewing, and closely investigating what work environment, what tasks, and what industry is the right place for you.

Career Based Assessment:
This assessment helps you to find out more about your skills and interests as you participate in hands- on experience performing tasks on the job for a limited time. Complete immersion in the actual career allows you to evaluate the work and the job duties so that you can make a decision about your future employment goals.

Job Development:
Employment Specialist will help you with the job search, resume building and shaping your interview skills, to achieve meaningful employment in the COMMUNITY

Job Coaching:
Job Coach will attend and support you at your new community place of employment, use structured intervention techniques to help you the employee learn to perform job tasks to the employer’s specifications and to learn the interpersonal skills necessary to be accepted as a employee at the job. Coach will support any reasonable accommodation needed to be successful in your job choice. When team feels natural supports are in place coach with then fade out from your employment.

Ongoing Services:
Support you in your community job, help your employer maintain reasonable accommodations needed for ongoing success.