Ohio Shared Living

Ohio Shared Living

At Wood Lane Residential Services, we’re proud to help individuals with developmental disabilities meet all required needs to live a happy and independent lifestyle. However, there are times when having a caregiver under the same roof is important for safety and overall wellbeing. Here are a few answers to commonly asked questions about the Ohio Shared Living Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ohio Shared Living Program?

The Ohio Shared Living Program (OSL) is specifically designed to help adults with developmental disabilities find a place to live with a suitable caregiver. In turn, caregivers are provided with monetary compensation for their time, attention, and effort to share their homes. This is a wonderful program that has helped thousands of individuals throughout Wood County and across the state find loving, suitable families to join who can help fulfill their needs in a meaningful way.

Do You Have to Be Related to Be a Certified Caregiver?

It is possible to be both a family member and a caregiver of an individual with disabilities through OSL. However, the beauty of the program is that you do not have to be related to an individual with special needs in order to become a certified caregiver. While this is a great opportunity for family members to be reimbursed for their effort, those who have a high level of compassion and the ability to devote to full-time care can easily qualify to help a complete stranger.

What Do Caregivers Typically Assist With?

Approved caregivers help program participants with a wide range of tasks associated with independent living. This can include things like cooking meals, housekeeping chores, personal care tasks, transportation, planning activities, and much more. These responsibilities are outlined in a service plan specific to the individual. If the certified caregiver works outside of the home, he or she typically includes this fact as part of the initial application, and it is taken into consideration during the matching process.

How Does Wood Lane Residential Services Help with Those Interested in OSL?

Wood Lane Residential Services oversees all aspects of Ohio Shared Living to assist the provider. Our goal is to assist providers in setting up, monitoring and ensuring quality Ohio Shared Living services throughout the year. We ensure certifications are kept up to date, documentation is complete and all paperwork is accurate. We take the time consuming logistics out of your hands and support you in ensuring a positive and successful Ohio Shared Living partnership and services provided to your loved one.

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