WLRS, Inc. Funds

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  • WLRS Endowment Fund

    The WLRS Endowment Fund has been set up to accept larger donation of bequests such life insurance policies, real estate, trusts, cash, wills, and other forms of giving. The reason for this fund is to generate additional capital for items that may not be covered for our consumers.

  • Consumer Vacation Fund

    This fund was set up and mostly funded by the late Charles Restle through the Wood Lane Foundation-Restle Fund and the Knights of Columbus through their annual "Measure Up" campaign. This fund gives all residents the opportunity to get away, whether it be camping at Mohican or spending the weekend visiting sites in Cleveland, a true adventure is top priority.

  • Limping Wolf Fund

    This fund was formed in memory of Lee Graber, and is supplemented by donor request. Funds are used exclusively for residents with limited funds to be able to participate in recreational / leisure activities of their choosing. Through this fund, many residents have been able to attend Mud Hens games, go out to dinner and a movie, or attend shows such as Disney on Ice.

  • Respite Program Fund

    The Respite Program provides 24 hour trained staffed for families to use as an overnight retreat, for preplanned family vacations or access due to family emergency needs. Healthy meals incorporating specialized diets, community activities, as well as on call nursing services are provided. The fund was started by the Knights of Columbus to provide items for the home that the program could not support.

  • Specific Home Funds

    Each home operated by WLRS, Inc. has a fund established specifically to be used by residents in that home, whether for parties, outdoor grills, memorials or items for inside the home such as a DVD player or artwork. The majority of contributions from these funds are a result of memorials from residents (or family members of residents) who have passed away or sometimes from family members of residents currently living in the home.

  • Consumer Advisory Board Fund

    A group of individuals that meet to discuss various issues and to plan activities and events for all consumers to attend. This group currently relies on revenues from their events to fund their activities.

  • General Consumer Fund

    This fund is used as a "catch-all" and receives monies when donators do not specify a specific fund. Monies from this fund have been used to purchase a variety of items for the homes as well as two AED units for use at the Portage Group Homes.

  • Recreation Department

    Our recreation department regularly provides everyone with a wide-array of opportunities to soothe the soul, encourage exercise, inspire creativity, or simply give extra reasons to laugh and smile.

Because WLRS is a 501 (c)3 organization, your gift is deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

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